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Albany Mattress Cleaning Services 

The average person will spend about a third of their life on a mattress.

With this sort of long term relationship, it is easy to get comfortable; spending so much time together on a regular basis can often involve eating together, reading together, as well as the occasional mishap with bodily fluids! There are of course ways to prevent a dirty mattress, but sometimes a mattress protector does not provide your mattress fabric with the coverage it needs, and even if you do throw it in the washing machine regularly, it is not enough to keep the entire surface of you mattress clean. 

Beneath the mattress surface, there is often a plethora of nasties, including a dust particles, dust mites, dead skin cells, urine contamination, pet hair and more. These nasties can cause adverse effects on our health, so it is important to get our mattresses cleaned at regular intervals. 

Albany Carpet Cleaners offer you the cleaning solution you need to get your entire mattress as clean as possible, removing these nasties, no matter the type of mattress you have, so that you can continue your long term relationship, resting easy with your clean mattress! 

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

Even if there hasn’t been a confronting incident in your relationship with your mattress, it is important to consider mattress steam cleaning on a regular basis. It’s not just memory foam that remembers the time you ate pizza in bed! 

Mattress deep cleaning not only will it enhance the lifespan of your mattress, it can improve the air quality in your bedroom and give you a much greater feeling of satisfaction than simply masking your mattress cover with fresh bed sheets. 

If, like most people, you are committing long-term to your mattress, taking the time to get a mattress steam cleaning service is a brilliant way to honour your commitment! Albany Carpet Cleaning will take care of the delicate fabric throughout our mattress deep cleaning service, ensuring all mattress fibres are sparkling and all excess liquid is removed. 

How Do You Clean A Mattress?

While the internet has a lot of recommendations on how to do this at home, the best way to quickly achieve the results you need is with a professional. 

Baking soda, damp cloth and warm water can only do so much to remove dead skin flakes, so save yourself time, frustration and energy by outsourcing your stain removal process to Albany Carpet Cleaning. No matter your mattress type, or the type of stain it has, we have the cleaning products to remove your mattress stains and will leave your mattress dry in no time at all! 

Albany Carpet Cleaners use the “Hot Water Extraction method” which leaves your mattress cleaner than ever before with no nasty chemical smell. If you love sleeping in a fresh and clean environment,  Albany Carpet Cleaners are the best choice in professional cleaners that you can make to get your mattress surface and beyond the freshest, it can possibly be!

We Offer Albany Mattress Cleaning That Mattress Toppers The Rest! 

If you no longer want to spend quality time with a mattress harbouring all kinds of hidden nasties, give the friendly team at Albany Carpet Cleaners a call, or simply fill out our online contact form, and we will schedule an appointment for affordable mattress cleaning that gives you the healthy rest that you deserve! 

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